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How Does Hosting Affect SEO

There are many people out there who completely overlook the fact that your website’s load speed has a direct correlation to it’s ranking in the search engines. The fact is that Google does not want people to be waiting around forever for a page to load when they find it in the search results. This leads to a poor user experience and thus a lower web ranking. There are many hosts out there that claim to have fast load times, however when it comes down to it most of them are not adequate.

Shared hosting is the biggest problem. Unfortunately, this is the most affordable type of hosting account and it’s where many people get into trouble. When it comes to SEO, you should try to stay away from shared hosting.

The problem with shared hosting is that you can have bad neighbors. This means that you could be sharing an IP address with anyone. Not only could their sites traffic be slowing down your resources but you could also be sharing an IP with a gambling, or illegal drug site. This will associate your website with them in Google’s eyes and hold your website back from ranking.